A compacting and rep lumping treatment offering deep hydration to the hair structure.  It can also be used for long lasting styling with a humidity-proof effect.

Give that Crown the Royal Treatment.

Take advantage of our exclusive and luxurious bundle of any type of 平和 Heiwa Japanese Scalp Treatment and any Blow Dry Treatment.
Leave the studio feeling rejuvenated and ready to tackle on the world. 
Unlock your inner peace with a luxurious scalp massage. This unique treatment uses Japanese techniques to stimulate blood flow and release tension by massaging pressure points in the head. Benefits of this practice include improving stress levels and hair growth, preventing migraines, headaches and back pain, as well as relieving symptoms of anxiety and depression and boosting energy levels. 
Don’t settle on a basic blow dry. We want to blow you away! Pick from our options of Loose Curls, Beachy Waves, Pin Straight or Straight Body. 
Channel your inner queen and get some well deserved royal treatment.

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