Joanna Vargas

Bright Eye Hydrating Mask


What is it?

Awaken and replenish. A concentrated specialty treatment mask that detoxifies and tones the delicate area around the eyes. 5 pairs per pack.



How to Use

Place the mask on the entire eye area and leave on for 10 -15 min (the longer the better until your skin fully absorbs it). There may be some leftover serum after which you can massage into the eye and neck area. Use in the morning to refresh the eye area and look more well rested. Also, it’s the perfect refreshment during a long flight!

Key Ingredients

5 different peptides: Reinforces elasticity and prevents aging.
Arbutin: Assists with skin lightening and evening pigmentation.
Licorice root extract: A natural anti-inflammatory that both hydrates dry skin and sooth imparts a brightening effect.
Allantoin: Helps heal and soothe the skin.