To enrol, simply fill out this Tesoro Beauty Membership application and provide professional documentation (current and within one year) and membership fee. Within a few days you will receive your membership and can begin enjoying your membership benefits.

Your membership does not expire and Tesoro Beauty reserves the right to request additional professional documentation at any time.

An example of professional identification must be included with the application. Examples of professional identification include one of the following: union card, professional license or publication masthead, or any two of the following: Agency branded composite card, editorial page with name credit, program or press material with name and profession, professional website (must list profession and be self-hosted), certificate/diploma. Required professional identification must be current (within one year) and indicate your name and specific profession. 

Tesoro Beauty reserves the right to reject the application for any reason.

In order to receive your Tesoro Beauty Pro Membership, all fields must be completed.