Can't wait to see you again! - Tesoro COVID-19 health and safety

It’s been a long and difficult few months but ones that were also very necessary.  We are very excited to see all of our wonderful clients again.  With that being sad we also want to continue to service you in a manner which is safe not only for our clients but also for our staff.

At Tesoro Beauty, we have always maintained optimal cleanliness and sanitization processes.  This is something we will continue to do but in addition we will also be doing the following to keep us all safe and to ensure that we win this fight against Covid 19 as quick as possible.

  • We will continue to practice Physical Distancing with a 2-metre spacing between each client at any time. 
  • Only a limited number of clients will be allowed in at a time.
  • All clients who arrive for their appointments are required to call us and remain in their vehicles or wait outside until your room or your service provider is ready for you. 
  • Hand sanitizer will be available at the front entrance and throughout the Medi-Spa
  • We will continue to sanitize and disinfect products and tools, and clean surfaces every hour or after every use.
  • We are encouraging contactless payments and cash will not be accepted
  • All staff will be supplied with face masks and have their temperature taken before entering the Medi-Spa and same will be done for all clients
  • Only clients being serviced will be allowed to enter, we ask all additional guests to please wait outside.
  • We also request that clients leave any extra personal belongings at home or in their vehicles.  Please limit it to what is necessary
  • For any retail shopping, we ask that you visit our website at If you would like product recommendations or information from our aestheticians or hair experts, please set up a free virtual consultation online or make an appointment to come visit the shop
  • Walk-ins will not be accepted at this time.
  • If you have any other questions or concerns about products or any other services and you would like to speak to an aesthetician or hair expert, please call 289 233 7137 and discuss It over the phone or if you would like to discuss it in person please make an appointment.

We want to thank all of you for your constant support during these difficult times.  We have deeply enjoyed having all our virtual consultations, email chats and Instagram conversations with all of you.  We are so excited to begin servicing you all again and we thank you for your patience during these times.


Preetie and Kukie

Owners – Tesoro Beauty