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What is it?

Intensive reconstructive treatment for extremely dry and damaged hair. Ideal for colour processed hair.

Unlock your inner peace with a luxurious scalp massage. This unique treatment uses specialized techniques to stimulate blood flow and release tension by massaging pressure points in the head. Benefits of this practice include improving stress levels and hair growth along with providing the ultimate relaxation experience.

Within a treatment, enjoy the ambience of soothing naturalistic sounds and the calming scent of essential oils. Your hair will be purified, rebalanced and nourished through the use of shampoos, conditioners, oils and a mist machine. After applying the products, massage techniques will be utilized to create serenity within the body as well as stimulate and unclog hair follicles. The mist machine will then be used after the massage to further open up pores and lock in all the nutrients from the treatment, promoting growth for luscious hair.

Whether you’re looking for a quick escape from reality to find euphoria or a remedy for thinning hair, our Scalp Treatments may be the solution you’ve been searching for!

    Appointment info

    All Scalp Treatments are held in-store at Tesoro Beauty.

    Please arrive 10 minutes before your booked appointment time.

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