Tesoro Beauty

Rose Quartz Facial Roller


What is it?

The Gemstone of Universal Love.

What it does for your Mind:  

  • Promotes Self Love
  • Positive Thoughts and Reflection
  • Promotes Forgiveness & Kindness
  • Releases Toxins and Negativity

What it does for your Skin:

  • Reduces Puffiness
  • Combats Wrinkles and Fine Lines
  • Promotes Lymphatic Drainage
  • Relieves Jaw and Facial Tension
  • Enhances Circulation resulting in glowing skin
  • Releases impurities and stress in the skin

Best Product to be Paired with:


For thousands of years this beautiful tool has been used in the Chinese culture to keep skin looking youthful and radiant.  There are many different Gemstones that you can choose from and each one does something different and something amazing.  Not only can these gemstones transform your skin over time they can also affect your mood and your energy.

Additional info

Tesoro Facial Rollers have a Life Time Warranty. 

If the roller is damaged through daily Wear and Tear, we will happily Replace it for you.

How to Clean your Facial Roller:

  • Clean your Tesoro Facial Roller Daily with a clean warm damp cloth.
  • Once wiped down, place your roller on a towel to dry.
  • Please do not submerge your Facial Roller under water or use any hard soaps or chemicals.
  • Once a week you may add a little bit of gentle soap to your Warm Damp Cloth and wipe down the roller.
  • If you suffer from Acne or any other skin condition which can transfer bacteria to the roller you may use the mild soap with the warm Damp wash cloth daily. Clean the roller with a Warm Damp cloth until all the soap is gone. 
  • Submerging the Facial Roller under water consistently will cause the polish to erode.