The Villains of Beauty

The Villains of Beauty!

Everyday our skin falls victim to many beauty villains. But there are ways to reverse and minimize the effects that these villains can have on your skin. Some involve protecting yourself, some involve just simply steering clear! 


 - Getting a tan causes inflammation and negative skin processes. 

- Sunburns cause damage to our skins DNA, which eventually appears as wrinkles or discoloration.

- Sun damage is stored in skins memory, therefore if we are exposed to sun in our youth it affects our skins appearance later.

- Increases the risk of sun cancer

How to Protect yourself:

  • Use products that repair DNA damage in the cells
  • Sun protection is important everyday – SPF 30
  • Eating fruits, vegetables and fatty fish that are good for your skin (Refer to our Skin Power food blog post


  • Stress triggers inflammation


  • When you eat white sugars glycation occurs
  • Glycation – an attack on cells caused by too much sugar, results in loss of elasticity.
  • When this happens these sugar molecules then bind to protein molecules and caused proteins in your body to become glycated. This is called Advanced Gylcation End product. (AGE)
  • In your body AGE can lead to conditions such as diabetes, kidney disease and Alzheimer’s.
  • For your skin when this happens your body puts up a defense that forms inflammation that causes collagen and elastin to harden, clump up weaken and break down. This process causes wrinkles to appear
  • Sugars are also linked to triggering acne outbreaks to people who are acne prone

How to Protect yourself:

Don’t worry you don’t have to stop yourself from eating all sugars and carbs..

  • Opt for whole grains do not have the same effects,
  • Fruits are natural sugars which are better for you
  • These are slow releasing carbohydrates.