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Beauty is what you envision. Helping people feel and look the best is what we love to do, but it doesn’t stop there. Educating people on skin difficulties, the best skin and hair care routines & products, and helping people make the right choices for their skin, hair, & wellness means everything to us.

Tesoro Beauty is run by two sisters! Yup, we’re sisters that work together. It’s been 7 years and we’re both still alive. Wooohooo! We’re Kukie & Preetie and we’re two sisters with a passion for helping others.

Welcome to Tesoro Beauty

Our passion stems from what our dad instilled in us. For the longest time, we wanted to find a way to do for others what he did for so many individuals and we thought what better way than to combine our passion for beauty with our passion for helping others and from that Tesoro Beauty was born!

Beauty is you

Beauty is You!

This right here sums up our entire vision for everything we do and will continue to do. What does ‘Beauty is you’ mean to us? It means that beauty is what you envision for yourself. Beauty is what makes you feel comfortable in your own skin. Beauty is how you see yourself and whatever goals you have for yourself. That right there is what we want to help you attain - what you envision for yourself.

Kukie and Preetie

Helping you is what we do

Together, our careers have taken us into different areas of the industry. We have worked with spa treatments, facials, hair extensions, developing beauty products, education, and we’ve finally managed to combine all of them to create our dream - Tesoro Beauty!

As we have grown over the years we’ve seen changes - numerous methods, education hacks, tips, tricks, and different advice from different beauty experts. Our goal is to take any misinformation you’ve been told and tell you exactly what you need to hear ... the TRUTH!

Skin & hair care isn’t always easy and it isn’t always what you expect, but let us tell you that there are NO shortcuts to healthy skin and hair! Being committed to your skin and hair is a long-term relationship that requires work and dedication because beautiful skin and hair begins with exceptional care.

Kukie and Preetie

We strongly believe that skincare and haircare is not just a one-time fix

We can tell you this from experience - both of us still have some scare which we are trying to get rid of. Our goal is to provide you with the education of facials, hair extensions, and products that will compliment and enhance your skin and hair and its natural beauty, clearing up any concerns you may have.

The most important thing to remember is that skin and hair care is a lifestyle, requiring consistency and trust. Be good to your skin, you’re going to wear it for the rest of your life.

We hope that after getting to know a little bit about us, you’ll come visit us in our Medi-Spa or contact us online. Either way, we can’t wait to meet you!

Tesoro Beauty

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