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It’s that time of year again guys!  I know this year we won’t be able to celebrate the way we want but what better way to say I love you or I care about you then the perfect gift!  I wanted to share with all of you my favourite products at Tesoro Beauty along with Why I love them so much.  I am hoping this will help all of you find the perfect gift for your loved one.  So, let’s get right into it. 

Gifts 🎁

Preetie's recommended gifts

The first thing on my list is the T3 Wand.  I absolutely love this wand, I have finer hair and love the done but undone look. This wand is very versatile and allows me to get effortless waves in less than 10 minutes. I also love that I am able to get curls, vintage waves, and really do any look I want with this wand. I’ve also had it for years and it is still going strong!

Agent Nateur Holi Oil

Next is the Agent Nateur Holi Oil I Love using this facial oil especially in the winter months, it also pairs amazing with my Tesoro Rose Quartz Facial Roller to complete my nightly ritual. Not only does it smell amazing and calming but it is an all in one serum. It hydrates the skin and leaves it plump and glowy!

OI All in one Milk

Ok now let’s talk about a product that does it all!  The Oi All in One Milk is called the all in one milk for a reason! This all in one hydrator, is literally a best seller at Tesoro Beauty. I first started on it because after I wash my hair regardless of how much conditioner or which conditioner I use my hair just tends to get tangled. This spray not only helps detangle my hair, but it is a leave in conditioner/hydrator, it protects your hair from heat and leaves you hair healthy and shiny. Also, I forgot to mention it smells heavenly!

Joanna Vargas Dry Brush

One of my newly discovered but favourite is the Joanna Vargas Dry Brush.  If you haven’t seen my video already on this brush be sure to watch it on our IGTV. I absolutely love dry brushing and since I’ve started I don’t go without doing it at least 2 times a week. Especially in the winter months, no matter what hydrator I use for my body I just feel like the dead and dry skin just pile up. But since beginning to use the dry brush and brushing away all the dead skin build up my skin is brighter, also more even. Also, anything that promotes lymphatic drainage I am all about it, who doesn’t want to remove toxins from their body? This is one of those things that you don’t know you need but you need and what is better than to have it gifted to you?

Another one of my favourites by Agent Nateur is the Holi Body Oil, I like to call this luxury in a bottle. Prior to getting this oil, I’ve never actually used a body oil. And I can say since starting to use it every time I do I feel like I just got a body treatment done, not only does it smell good and feel good on the body but it has so many amazing nutrients for your body. And I feel like we spend so much time treating the skin on our face we often forget the skin on our body and this is the best nutrient filled oil to make up for that. Now let’s talk benefits: This oil is formulated to nourish, protect and renew. It smooths the appearance of cellulite, helps with stretch marks. To be honest these two factors aren’t the reason why I use it because I have come to terms with the fact that stretch marks and cellulite are a regular part of life. But for me the next benefits are what got me! This oil helps with dryness irritation, scarring (I think we’ve all suffered from some sort of back-ne), it helps with impurities and persistent acne, dull, uneven skin and hyperpigmentation! Yes, it is finally one body oil that helps almost all your concerns.

Rose Quartz Facial Roller

Who wants to hear all about the stone of universal love?  The Tesoro Facial Roller.  Not only does Rose Quartz align with me energetically but I love the ritual behind this facial roller. I am a jaw clincher, and carry a lot of tension there! I absolutely love putting on my Holi (oil) ageless serum and just relaxing and rolling at night. Every time I do it I feel like I’m just rolling away all the day’s stresses and relaxing and calming myself for sleep. I always light some Palo Santo or an incense and just breathe and roll. Whenever I do this at night I notice that I wake up with less puffiness in the skin, less tension and just with brighter more radiant skin. There’s is no better gift than the gift of self-care.

Knesko Nano Gold Face Mask

Knesko Nano Gold Face Mask.  These gem stone infused collagen masks are the perfect luxe mask to gift on Christmas. I like to think of it as a mini facial at home, not even facial, facials! This mask comes with an abundance of serum making it perfect for more than one use. This mask targets several skin concerns such as Fine Lines, Wrinkles, Loss of Elasticity, Dryness, Redness, Sun Damage, Puffiness, Stress and Fatigue.

Lastly is the ZO Exfoliating Polish.  Where do I start with this magical exfoliator.  This is probably one of my favourite exfoliators, it leaves your skin so smooth and within one use your skin will feel so much better and look so much brighter. Exfoliating is often a step that is missed by many but so crucial to remove dead skin cells and allow all those amazing ingredients that come after cleansing to penetrate that much deeper. This exfoliator is amazing for all skin cells making it the perfect gift for everyone.

So, there you go guys.  Those are all my Favourites and must haves at Tesoro Beauty.  I hope that all my Why I Love them so much helps you all find the perfect gift for all the special people in your lives or maybe even for yourself.  We want to always promote Self Care and Self Love.  Make it a Beauty Ritual.

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