Everyone Meet Mama Tesoro. This is our mom Amarjit and Beauty is Her!

I feel like when I was a kid and even into becoming a teenager or a young adult I never really understood my mom or appreciated all that she did. I didn’t appreciate it because I didn’t understand the magnitude and the daily sacrifice and persistence it took to do what she did. I actually didn’t really get along very well with my mom for a lot of years. She was super strict, almost military like.  There was no such thing as sleeping in or sitting around or doing nothing. As a young person, you're thinking 'what do you mean I can’t sleep till 12 and then watch tv all day when I wake up?', lol.  

My young mom

I think that it wasn't until I had kids of my own when I really begin to appreciate or even understand all the sacrifices she made for us. She worked hard! Not only did she work hard, she worked honestly. When I think of my mom those are the two things that stand out the most. Work! Work until you just can’t work anymore because you are responsible for you – and be honest!  Never take what’s not yours, and work for what you want! There’s no other way!

She was only 17 years old when she left home (India) came to Canada where she lived here alone. She still to this day feels indebted to the family that took her in and helped her. She has never forgotten and still appreciates them just giving her a place to stay – 40 plus years later. 

A photo of my young mother and father

She and my dad built everything on their own. In a country where they didn’t speak the language, she worked 12 hours shifts for 15 years straight and never took a sick day. Not even one! Yes, I asked her because I couldn’t believe it myself, lol.  She even used to work during her vacation days because then she would get paid extra. How?! I think about that and I am just like how?!

It actually brings tears to my eyes because just how did she do it? Along with working 12 hour shifts she also took care of 2 young children with no help. She and my dad used to work opposite shifts because they couldn’t afford child care.  Once again HOW? We always had a fresh home cooked meal, super clean clothes (she’s obsessed with cleaning), a super clean house. I have no idea how she did it. 

My family

To have the courage, persistence, perseverance and confidence to face the world in a foreign country and work hard with honesty day in and day out for that many years! I look up to my mom. I appreciate all the sacrifices she has made for us. She didn’t just talk the talk but she has led by example by working hard and being honest and not just saying it but showing us by doing it.

Even to this day she has now retired but she keeps herself busy. She does school projects on Drake or the Kardashians lol. She knows more about them than we do.  She continues to learn and grow and educate herself. She continues to support herself and move forward even though my dad isn’t by here by her side to keep her strong, she finds her strength within.

My mom, today with her grandchildren

All those things that annoyed us as young people we’re so thankful for now because she taught us how to be tough, how not to give up and work hard and most importantly to be honest always!  Thank you mom, and Beauty is definitely You! 

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